Neil Björklund
Self-Mastery Coach

"I coach self-motivated adults who are committed to their own growth and development, to help them develop self-mastery from the inside out--helping them free themselves from limiting beliefs and painful experiences of the past, in order to create the bold and beautiful life they really want."

You Can Create the Life You Want

If you are seeking life coaching or leadership coaching, you are likely experiencing a gap between the life you want and the life you are now experiencing.  That gap may be showing up in your professional life, relationships, family, spiritual practice, or some other area of life.  It may appear that what is holding you back is outside yourself, beyond your influence.  I propose that what holds you back is primarily inside of you, mostly made up of painful experiences from the past and your responses to them at the time.  And I propose that you can gain freedom from those past experiences.  Yes, you can get free - with the guidance of an experienced, skillful and compassionate coach, and with on-going practice on your part.  My role as coach is to work hard to understand the world you find yourself in and guide you to and through the practices that will help you clearly see, release and move beyond your current barriers--to the life and results you dream of.  Your role is to devote yourself to these on-going practices with commitment and consistency--ultimately, practicing new ways of being is what will create the lasting change you want.

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