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My work with both individuals and groups is deeply grounded in decades of personal and professional experience and training. I've been on the path of my own personal and spiritual growth and development for more than 30 years.  I am passionate about and dedicated to my own personal and spiritual development.  I do my own inner development work so that I can be more clear and available to support others on their own paths, and in order to build my capacity to manifest a more satisfying life for myself and those around me. 


I am trained and certified as an Integral Coach, by New Ventures West in San Francisco, CA.  Their 13-month intensive training program involved engaging in intensive practices designed to create the body/mind/spirit of a coach in each student, and learning a time-tested and profound method for working with clients to reveal and support their development process.

I have been learning and practicing in the tradition of Don Miguel Ruiz and the Four Agreements since 2011, and where appropriate I bring those practices to my coaching clients.  Ruiz and his long-time student Gary Van Warmerdam have described and presented practices are that very effective at rooting out false beliefs that hold us back.

I have 6 years of training and experience in Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Therapy, which is a framework that works with the wisdom of the body, as revealed through development of mindfulness skills and practice.  As we build our capacity for maintaining focus on the subtle experiences in the body, much can be revealed as to how our past experiences and beliefs are constraining our possibilities today. I bring these skills to my coaching clients in support of our coaching goals, but do not practice psychotherapy.  If psychotherapy appears to be appropriate I can help clients review options for therapy approaches in support of their healing work and make referrals.




Professional Training in Clinical EFT

Two intensive trainings in the Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques taught by EFT Universe expert trainers and practitioners.  This approach uses tapping on acupunture points combined with psychotherapeutic tools that are profoundly effective at clearing unresolved experiences from the past that are driving our behavior in the present. 2018.


Self Mastery & The Four Agreements

6 years in training with Gary Van Warmerdam, a long-time student of Don Miguel Luis (author of The Four Agreements).  2014 - 2019.

Integral Coaching

New Ventures West - 13-month Professional Coaching Certification Course, completed 2016.


Language of Leadership Course

Six-month training in the Integral Coaching model, completed 2014.

Group Leadership Training: A Foundation for Professional Development.  A 1-year in-depth training in group dynamics and process, including design and facilitation of group leadership and development training experiences.  By Amina Knowlan, MA, and David Patterson, PhD, 1993.

Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy Professional Training.  A 2-year in-depth training on the principles and practices of Hakomi body-centered counseling therapy led by Hakomi founder Ron Kurtz and Senior Trainer Jon Eisman, 1991.

1980 - 1981

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Bachelor of Science - Environmental Planning and Urban Studies, Cum Laude

1976 - 1980

Oregon State University

Undergraduate Studies

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