What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a framework in which a trained professional (like me) helps you understand how your current thinking and beliefs and behaviors are holding you back.  Based on that understanding, we work together to support you in making desired changes in your life through on-going practices that will help you build new capacities, capabilities and new points of view.  As a coach I can point the way to what is possible, and can point toward practices that will help you open up those new possibilities, but I cannot make it happen for you--that part is up to you. If you are willing to invest in yourself, and devote time and energy to your own development, profound changes can and usually do result.

The Integral Coaching approach in which I was trained encompasses all facets of the human experience that could contribute to new possibilities and capabilities. My work integrates four different but connected "circles" of your life experience:  mind, body, heart/emotion, and what I'll call soul.  By "soul" I mean those hard to touch or define aspects of your self that are beyond your body, mind, or emotions.

Beliefs (mind), habitual actions (body), and stuck or hidden emotions can be major impediments to changing how life feels to us, and so it is to these areas of our experience that we will turn our attention.

A typical coaching program includes a 30-minute preview discussion to help you understand the approach.  If we decide to continue, we will schedule a 90 minute intake discussion for me to get to know you and understand what you are facing.  Following the intake session, I present a proposed coaching plan, followed by a series of 60-minute coaching sessions.  A full coaching program may include 15- 25 coaching sessions, dependent on how we are progressing towards our agreed-upon goals.

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