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How to Change Your Beliefs and Transform Your Inner World

Join Gary, Neil and Eva as they uncover the mechanics behind changing your beliefs and why it is crucial for changing your thoughts, emotions and behavior. The Self Mastery work has supported many people in changes they weren't able to achieve through talk therapy, self-help books or other programs.


During this live webinar you will be guided through an awareness exercise and receive a worksheet to continue the practice. You will also get information on the upcoming  retreat in Costa Rica - a weeklong event at Samasati Retreat Center, in the rainforest with Caribbean beaches nearby.


On the agenda for the 75 min webinar:

  • Unconscious beliefs

  • How Self Mastery works

  • The upcoming retreat in Costa Rica

  • Other ways to learn Self Mastery work

  • A guided exercise

  • Q & A

Presented by  
Neil Björklund, Eva Beronius and

Gary van Warmerdam

December 3, 2019

10 am & 6 pm Pacific Time

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